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Apartment Safety

Apartments in Jackson, Mississippi

When a tenant suffers injury or damage due to crime, fire, or other accidents within the building they live in, responsibility can sometimes be a gray area. Understanding apartment safety and liability ins and outs can help tenants feel more comfortable at home. In this article, we will focus on what tenants and landlords in the Jackson, Mississippi area are concerned with and doing.

Security Options

Apartments in the Jackson area have various security options available, including alarm systems, whether monitored by an outside company or unmonitored; CCTV footage; and access control systems such as security gates. Before moving in, potential tenants should consider asking their landlord to replace the locks if he did not already do so. Security bars can also help increase security for sliding glass patio doors.

It is recommended that any common areas require a key. For instance, you do not want strangers accessing the pools, gyms, recreation areas, or laundry areas. Also, apartment complexes that remain well-lit at night tend to have fewer instances of crime.

Fire Safety

Check the fire safety system of the apartment. Perform a test on the smoke alarms at least once a month and change the batteries yearly. For tenants with disabilities, including hearing impairments, flashing alarms are important.

Apartment complexes should have an escape route in case of a fire. Make sure you and any other person in your unit have a plan. Locate at least two escape routes and plan a meeting place outside.

Tenant/Landlord Responsibility

Your landlord has a responsibility to keep tenants reasonably safe. While you have the responsibility to ensure that you do not start fires with candles, by leaving the burners on the stove, or having heaters too close to furniture, your landlord has other responsibilities required by Jackson city ordinances or the State of Mississippi building and safety codes.

If there are electrical problems, the landlord must fix them. The landlord may be at fault if a fire occurs because of poor maintenance or lack of upgrades. Property owners may be held responsible for failed security systems too. Many personal injury lawyers find similarities in lapsed maintenance and other mistakes when it comes to safety compromises.

Your Right to Safety

While every person has an obligation to protect themselves, when they live in an apartment complex, the landlord also has obligations and must accept liability when obligations are not met. When lapses in maintenance and security are present, landlords may be responsible for injuries and other damages to tenants and their guests.

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